Daily Rules

  • $10 entry($10 optional skins)
  • Must have eight(8) players to have a competition.
  • Move ball one club length in your own fairway, play the ball down in rough.
  • If you hit a 2nd ball off #1, you must play it.
  • All players MUST have at least one other player to mark their score. 
  • Use Equitable Stroke Control to record handicaps
  • Please Play foursomes if possible
  • Your position on the course is directly behind the group in front of you
  • Please turn scorecards in to Golf Shop

Individual Dog Fight Points

  • Money is predetermined by player matrix
  • Winners will be awarded prize money - OVERALL Most over points(matrix).  OVERALL Most points will get $20
  • Players can win all games
  • New players with an official handicap or USGA GHIN number will be "frozen" at +or- six(6) untill four(4) scores are recorded.  
  • New players without an official handicap will be Frozen +or - three(3) untill four(4) scores are recorded.

Dogfight Points

  • Bogey 1point
  • Par 2points
  • Birdie 4points
  • Eagle + 8points

Point Adjustment Chart - Max Points 42