Young Pro's Fall Series 2018

fall schedule.JPG

Cost: $150 per team(first 18 two-man teams), Must be a MMC Golf Member and have a USGA G.H.I.N Handicap

Format: Eight week league play with two-man teams handicapped!  Points will be awarded to teams each week.  Men will play the "II" Tees, Seniors 60+ will play the"III" Tees-with USGA Handicap rule 3-5

Days: Thursday's beginning August 23rd - October 11th, Rain date if needed Tuesday October 9th. One rain date is worked into the schedule.  Any rain out rounds thereafter will be canceled

Time: Shotgun start 5:00pm (4:45pm & 4:30pm as days get shorter)

Prizes:  Weekly Prizes(1st Only, $50 team) will be awarded along with Year ending points leaders.  This will be decided after first week when number of teams have been finalized! 

Substitutes: Allowed and can be guest----SUBSTITUTES OR PLAYERS THAT DO NOT HAVE A USGA INDEX WILL PLAY AS A "0"

Deadline Tuesday August 21st at 5:00pm

Handicap Rule 3-5 will be used... Read more from the USGA here... Click

Format Rules:
*Best Ball:  Both Team members play their own ball, better score of the two will be recorded on each hole. Teams will get 100% of course handicap minus course rating for tees.  Scorecards will be "dotted"

*Dogfight Points:  Points will be given according to current handicap.  Both team member's points will count.

*Modified Alternate Shot:  Both team members hit off the same tee.  They will select the ball in the best position, then alternate shots from there.  Team Member's Drive NOT chosen will hit 2nd shot.   

*2-Person Scramble:  Both team members hit of the same tee and selectball in best position.  All players then hit from this position and follow this procedure until the ball is holed.   

*True Alternate Shot: Player A tees off on EVEN holes, Player B tees off on ODD holes then Alternate shots until ball is holed.  

* One rain date is worked into the schedule.  Any rain out rounds thereafter will be canceled.