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Got 10 wedges... we'll take them! Trade-In Credit's must be used for purchase of new clubs.

Got 10 wedges... we'll take them! Trade-In Credit's must be used for purchase of new clubs.

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$5.00 per HIO charged to your account if a Member in the Club makes a HIO! More info in the sign up form below!

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Young Pro’s Fall Series 2019

Cost: $150 per team(first 18 two-man teams), Must be a MMC Golf Member and have a USGA G.H.I.N Handicap

Format: Eight week league play with two-man teams handicapped! Points will be awarded to teams each week. Men will play the "II" Tees, Seniors 60+ will play the"III" Tees-with USGA Handicap rule 3-5

Days: Thursday's beginning August 29th - October 17th, One(1)Rain date if needed Tuesday October 15th. One rain date is worked into the schedule. Any rain out rounds thereafter will be canceled

Time: Shotgun start 5:00pm (4:45pm & 4:30pm as days get shorter)

Prizes: Weekly Prizes(1st Only, $50 team) will be awarded along with Year ending points leaders. This will be decided after first week when number of teams have been finalized!

Substitutes: Allowed and can be guest----SUBSTITUTES OR PLAYERS THAT DO NOT HAVE A USGA INDEX WILL PLAY AS A "0"

Deadline Tuesday August 27th at 5:00pm

MMC Fall Net Match Play Individual Competition

Date: The Individual Match Play Championship will begin Wednesday September 4th, 2019 and will be conducted over five rounds. All matches must be completed within the DESIGNATED TIME PERIOD. Third round competition must be completed by Sunday October 20th, 2019.

Tournament Start: Wednesday September 4th

Round 1 Completed by: Sunday September 22nd

Round 2 Completed by: Sunday October 6th

Round 3 Elite 8 Completed by: Sunday October 20th

Final 4 & Championship Match to be determined by committee and finalist.

Entry Fee: The entry fee is $25 per player + applicable cart fees.

Deadline: Monday September 2nd

Eligibility: All MMC Dues paying Full Golf Members.


• Individual NET Match Play

• Regular Play ll(2) tees, 60+ play lll(3) tees using USGA Handicap Rule 3-5

• We are planning on a 32 player field, but if we get a better turnout, some might have to play two matches within the 1st round.

• First round matches determined by blind draw

• Winner of each match advances and has DESIGNATED TIMES to complete next match with opponent.

• Winnings to be determined by total entries.

• 100% payback to the field.

• GHIN handicap will be updated before each match.

• USGA rules apply except local rule applications.

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Monday September 9th

One Club tournament Starts at 4:45pm

- $10 Cash for Prize Fund

- Format: Nine Holes(9), One(1) Club - players must use one club the entire round! Drive, Chip and Putt!!!

- Handicaps will be used and players will be divided into flights.

- 60+ will play the IV(4) tees, 59 & under will play the III(3) tees.

Meeting/Cook-Out Aprox 7:00pm.

Deadline: Sunday September 8th at 5:00pm

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Alpha Dog Of The Year 2018

Jan Bryant


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